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Long Weekend

Labor Day weekend is finally here.   What are you up to?

My Response to UVA's Interim President's email to the McIntire Community

My Response to UVA's Interim President's email to the McIntire CommunityThe Interim President at UVA sent an email out to the Commerce School's Alumni.   Since I know I won't hear back from him, I thought I would post my response here (typos and all unfortunately).   His original email appears after my response.Carl,“When it became clear to me that the decision which created this situation would not be reversed”I must have missed your public comments expressing your desire to reverse this situation.   All I remember seeing is an email from you to the McIntire Community telling Read more [...]

DOJ: It Is Time To Let Blackbaud/Convio Deal Close

This may not be a very popular position to take inside the nonprofit community, but it is time for the Department of Justice to wrap up their work and let the Blackbaud/Convio deal close.The role of the DOJ in evaluating proposed mergers and acquisitions is a valuable one. But, the process has gone on long enough and the facts are not exactly hard to determine. It is time to move forward.Will Blackbaud's acquisition of Convio result in fewer products in the market? Yes -- though it will take several years. And quite frankly, some of these products need to go away.Will the acquisition give Read more [...]