In today’s world, when looking for outside help to solve a business problem or to take advantage of an opportunity in the market, it is imperative that the best people for the job be brought to the table quickly. Additionally, these people need to know how to work with each other.

It is no longer necessary to do one-stop shopping at a global consulting firm. Just as more middle-market organizations are moving their audits to smaller firms, organizations are also relying more on smaller, nimble independent consulting organizations to help them solve business problems. Not only can deeper skill sets be assembled through the use of independent firms. In many situations, independent firms can partner together to deliver better and more cost effective solutions.

Over the years, I have worked very closely with a network of organizations that can partner to solve the most complex business problems. I have known some of the principals of these organizations for over fifteen years and I have known all of them for at least 5 years.

This network can quickly assemble teams of highly experienced, highly skilled professionals that have a proven track record of working with each other successfully. This is one way we can help you solve your problem. We can find people that have successfully addressed the same or similar problems.

This network includes:

Association Works:  Association Works is dedicated to providing superior, customized services that increase a nonprofit organization’s capacity to accomplish their mission.

Barker & Scott Consulting: Barker and Scott specialize in leveraging cross-industry best practices for the nonprofit sector. Their expertise is focused on designing and implementing strategic enterprise solutions for large, national and international, chapter-based, nonprofits. In particular, they have deep and broad experience with fundraising / constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

CONNECT: The Knowledge Network:  CONNECT has built its renowned reputation by delivering IT Consulting Services, Data Warehousing Consulting and Healthcare Solutions with focus on optimized performance and business results for their clients. CONNECT’s vision is to reach deep and broad within their client base, forming partnerships by assisting them in building sustainable, high-performing teams.

MythSmiths:  At its heart, MythSmiths helps organizations tell their story.  They combine traditional storytelling tools such as writing, music, and illustration with more modern technologies such as video, blogging, flash, web sites, and graphic design to allow their clients to tell their stories in the most effective way possible.

SH Jackson Company:  As a merger and acquisition consultancy, they provide an entire range of strategic services assisting you in buying or selling companies in the outsourced customer resource and back office management marketplace.  Their strategic perspective of this market makes them an exceptional partner to assist you in selecting providers of contact center support and outbound print and mail.