Guess what? Steve Jobs was human

October 24th, 2011  |  Published in Musings

Only a few weeks ago, the entire tech community was in tears over Steve Jobs death. Today, I watched the live stream of a very popular weekly webcast focused on technology. Not surprisingly, the main topic was Steve Jobs. His official/unofficial biography will be released tomorrow and 60 Minutes featured the biography's author on tonight's episode.

Clearly, Jobs was a complicated person. The discussion on the webcast appropriately focused on some of his faults. However, the discussion went off rails just a bit and the some of the same people who were in tears a few weeks ago were speculating on whether or not Steve Jobs was a sociopath.

Shifting the tone from deity to sociopath in just a few weeks is more than a bit extreme. Guess what? Steve Jobs was human. Therefore. Steve Jobs was flawed. We do not need to worship him nor do we need to judge him. Steve Jobs place in history will be figured out over time. Until then, celebrate his achievements, send your thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, acknowledge that he had warts — like we all do.

There is no need to figure out what "tags" to apply to his life right now.


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